Our Pre-press department features a complement of gigabit Ethernet-equipped Macintosh, Windows and Linux computers running the latest versions of QuarkXpress®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InDesign®, Pagemaker®, Freehand®, Ethershare OPI®. DALiM TWiST® - the leading professional publishing software. Fast computers and modern software are vital to producing top quality printing.

Our in-house color separations are produced on Linotype-Hell's 3300 drum scanner. They then go to RAID arrays on our Helios Linux OPI network server and are available to all our skilled designers at the click of a mouse. Hewlett-Packard's DesignJet 2000 CP color printer shows us and our customers an exact production proof, in color, before plates are imaged to one of our Presstek® platesetters.

Accepted Computer Programs

Adobe Indesign 5.x Adobe Illustrator 13.x Acrobat PDF/X Adobe Photoshop 10.x QuarkXpress 7.0 Adobe PageMaker Microsoft Word Text Files Microsoft Publisher Corel Draw

Pre-Press Department
Apple Macintosh Platform OX.10 compatible
IBM Microsoft Platform

Accepted Computer Programs:
Quark Express 6.0
Adobe Illustrator 9
Adobe Photoshop 6
Adobe Indesign
Acrobat PDF
Microsoft Word Text Files
Adobe Page Maker

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